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MY Campaign For A Quality Hosting

@ 01:08 AM (27 months, 14 days ago)
I'll be short and thick because it took me longer than I'd seen it here and there over 15 days nobody will remember him. I'm creating a campaign for a single person - membership is something special and does not require posting on blogs (except this one) or bookmarks on social media. Campaign for a quality Dedicated Servers India Hosting Understand, first of all, I speak as a service provider and as a customer. Values that guide my campaign I believe that morals and ethics must be taken into account before taking any action or set any aspect, then: Respect : the neighbor, the competitor, customer, my staff, partners and also to the general public; Ethics : My mother taught me that it is wrong to take advantage of the misfortunes of others; Honesty : never simulate, defame, slander or insults; Humility : know the role you have in the market. The campaign itself My campaign is client side first, then the prospects for only then think about the competition - only for knowledge of news and market strategies. That said, the customer is entitled to : Hosting the site blessed him where he well understood since it has a good service and satisfied; Being attended in less than five minutes in line at the chat; Having your ticket answered within 24 hours; Have minimal downtime as possible; Having fulfilled the terms of the contract; Having the money back in case of dissatisfaction. As for potential customers: Do not submit a proposal for hosting business in some sort of crisis - let them seek you; Send email only with consent of the users; Do not be invasive nor disrespect privacy. As hosting companies: Understand that there is room for everyone and NO, I said NO, repeat NO company has the power to influence negatively in the market so as to make us want to stay out there; There is no crisis in the hosting market and not the rumor that there is a crisis in the hosting market; Each with its each - who is big is big and who is medium is medium, who is small is small. But the lowest of all is that which comes out kicking each other in the shins to see if it stumbles; The best they can offer in terms of quality, support, care, and service of its corporate brand. The best marketing is word-of-mouth; Unity is strength - unite to achieve bargaining power in purchasing servers, links and space in Data centers. To be able to show more competitive in the market, and finally NEVER IGNORE, OR UNDERESTIMATE YOUR CUSTOMER.. PLEASE TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. Very least involve them in the middle of a dispute that is between you and your competitor. Actually, this is not my campaign, it's like I take my business and my life. Sometimes failed to follow a couple of things. Nobody is perfect. The Indians know that they have a choice in the VPS Hosting market, if they have not arrived at the gates of your servers is a sign that you have to work a little bit more - I know I have. Please Note: If you are looking for Rich Data Center Web Hosting, Cloud Services, Dedicated Hosting, Colocation or Software Services in India at Affordable Costs, Visit our website ESDS.CO.IN.

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